From July 14th to 16th, ENEB BRAZIL took place, and it was not only different in format (in-person x virtual), but also a great innovation exercise and a huge learning for everyone during the pandemic.

There were 15 hours of event, 9 hours of live broadcast and 51 contestants, and with these numbers, it has already become THE LARGEST ENEB OF ALL TIMES:

  • 421 judges confirmed with 87% attendance
  • 7,700 unique viewers
  • 4,400 simultaneous viewers
  • 17,000+ live views on you Tube
  • 18,000+ views of the presentations in Launchpad6
  • 200,000+ of media reach
  • Countless likes at the You Tube chat tool

The reviews demonstrate that the event not only impacted more people but also, in qualitative terms, met participants expectations (0 to 5):

  • 4.5 average assessment of business participants (2019: 4.0)
  • 4.3 average Conexão com Empresas (Estação de Inovação 2019: 4.1)
  • 4.3 overall event average (2019: 4.6)

Instituto Center Norte, as a sponsor for the second year in a row, contributed with the project “Entre Isolamento, Laços”, by USP São Francisco, through donations of hygiene kits for mothers and pregnant women participating the re-education program at Penitenciária Feminina da Capital and their babies, apart from bringing volunteer judges from our managing board to the ENEB event.

Read some testimonials:

“For the second year I had the honor of participating as a judge at Enactus Brasil, for the analysis of projects created by students from all over the country, with a focus on social entrepreneurship. Because of the current pandemic scenario, the event was virtual and presented an even bigger challenge to participants. The theme of the event was “connected with a purpose” and we could see the same emotion and excitement in developing initiatives that could have an impact in society. It was a great leaning and excitement moment. Every detail has made a difference and reinforce the need to build a more inclusive society, providing a better future for young people”. Fabiana Teixeira – Marketing Manager Center Norte and Lar Center.

“To be a part of the national event Enactus Brasil was a rewarding and enriching experience. Attending the presentations and seeing the work carried out by the teams brought me many aspects of reflection on social and environmental responsibility, sustainability and our role, as individuals and as a group, to contribute to a better world. I am very proud of Instituto Center Norte for supporting this cause! Juliana Silva – Incorporation Manager Cidade Center Norte.

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