Theory of Change

Theory of Change: An innovation strategy for the good

Theory of Change is the thesis that guides all decisions, initiatives and projects of Instituto Center Norte.

It guides the logic of intervention over the territory. Thus, it defines a strategy, directs existing results and relationships, and concerns with the central issues and conditions for a goal to be achieved.

The Theory of Change can show, in a simple and quick way:

  • the problems of the context in which the initiative will be implemented;
  • the assumptions that underpin the initiative;
  • what will be the intervention reasoning;
  • how we will measure the results so that they are strategic;
  • what are the previously identified risks;

Change together,
with shared goals

This “theory for change” is built in a collaborative way, aligning all partners on their intentions and the structure of the initiative itself. The expected strategic results and key indicators are defined as a group.

All this with the objective of transforming the territory in a continuous and sustainable way over time, thus achieving structural and effective changes for people.